Diesel Goes To Town!

We’ve been working towards the day when I could load Diesel up in my vehicle and take him to Woofers for a nail trim and (maybe) a bath.  I still have fresh in my mind the memory of his arrival here at the kennel a couple months ago.  During that brief trip he had managed to empty his entire bladder in the back of an S.U.V.  Apparently he was very nervous about riding in a car.  I didn’t want to repeat the experience in my pickup.

My solution was to spend several days getting him used to jumping in and out of the cab of the truck before we ever started the engine or put it in gear.  The first time I loaded him up he was very skeptical so we used the irresistible power of treats to get him to hop up into the cab, then we lured him out again.

I think it was very beneficial to proceed slowly.  The first 5 or 6 times we did the load-up drill, we never even started the engine.  That was the next step.  This step included leaving him in the vehicle while I got in and out a few times and later I would walk completely around the truck while he sat inside looking at me with that quizzical expression on his face.  After a couple days of running this drill, I finally put the truck in gear and drove back and forth in the driveway for a few minutes while a gave him lots of (calm) praise and finally stopped and let him out with very little fanfare.  Needless to say, each of these drills was preceded by a nice long potty-walk so the need to eliminate would not cause him to have an accident.

Yesterday I finally decided it was time to go for a real ride.  I talked my Mom into riding with me and keeping an eye on Diesel so I could concentrate on the road.  The trip went fine and we had no accidents!  Diesel was nervous at first, but finally settled down and just laid on his blanket in the back, where he enjoyed getting spoiled by my Mom who loves him.

After a 20 minute drive we arrived at Woofers Grooming & Goodies.  Diesel heeled to the entrance and walked inside with a minimum of fuss.  Once inside, I made a point of taking him directly to the Biscuit Buffet so his first experience after walking through the door would be a good one.


From there, we went back to the grooming area where Andrea proceeded to give him a bath and trim his nails.  I did not stay in the grooming area because it’s almost always easier on the dogs if their owner isn’t present during the grooming process.  I was delighted to get a report form Andrea after the groom.  Diesel had been almost perfect.  The only thing that he didn’t readily accept was the blow drying around his neck area.  He’s still kinda sore there after several days of rambunctious play with Zeke who had a tendency to grab Diesel’s neck and hang on for the ride.

After his bath and about 30 minutes in a cage dryer, we headed back to the Biscuit Buffet for another round of snacks before the trip home.

Diesel Loves the Chicken Bites:


These cheese gizmos are good too!


Well… should we head for home?


I love you too, buddy!



Slack Leads!


2 thoughts on “Diesel Goes To Town!

  1. He’s going to make someone a great dog. 😀 He walks beautifully on a leash, gets on and off the table without a fuss, and can we say PERFECT for nails and foot handling? What a great dog!! ❤ Bring him by again soon so we can visit. 😀

  2. Love it! When I first adopted Fred we had trouble getting her in the car.Her previous care givers dropped her off in the local grocery parking lot. Now she loves going for rides and our visit’s to the elders

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