But Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrrrrrr!  There are times when I wish I had fur all over my body like my four legged friends.  I have a feeling my wife might object, saying we have enough shed hair in the house already!

Even with all that luxurious fur, it’s probably not too comfy outside when the mercury drops below freezing.  That’s why I installed a pellet stove in the kennel house when I built it.  At night I close the doors and start the stove if the outside temperature is near freezing or I suspect it will drop below freezing before morning.

The doors are open all day between the individual kennels and runs, so the cold air comes in, but I still leave the stove running if it’s freezing during the day.  I figure it takes the worst of the chill so the dogs have a relatively warm place to curl up and rest.  The heat from the stove also helps dry out the kennel when the dogs bring in snow or rain on their paws and coats.

It’s 5:30 AM as I write this.  In a few minutes I’ll go out to the kennel and start airing and feeding dogs.  I can see a little wisp of smoke coming from the stove-vent.  It’s good to know the dogs are comfortable even when it’s freezing outside.



5 thoughts on “But Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Good idea Fred is the first dog I bought a sweater for . The temperatures have been off the charts this year I am hoping we get a January thaw this year.

      • When Fredrieka/Fred started to run she was awkward. It was comical now it is routine. I say come on Fred lets put on your sweater. She knows then she will go outside and have an adventure

  2. We just came off a week of downed power lines and people being silly about heating their homes without the help of their furnaces. Sounds like you have thought this through – how does the heat circulate?

    • The stove is right in the middle of the kennel house which is long and narrow. I rely on natural convection to spread the heat. Otherwise, I try to place the most cold-sensitive dogs near the stove and the big furry guys towards the ends of the building where it’s cooler.

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