OUCH! (Coulda been worse)

Having a reasonably well behaved dog is important, no matter who you are.


Proper use of a leash is not an instinct.  It is a skill that must be learned.


Hint:  Don’t allow your dog to jump on toddlers.  It’s dangerous.

Take a good look at the catering staff in the background.  It’s interesting to note that they could see what was coming.

I would like to offer my services to the White House.  If anyone there is interested in learning how to prevent this kind of incident I would be happy to help.  The only pre-requisites are a collar, a lead, and a handler with a modicum of common sense.

I don’t care what your politics are.  The scene depicted above was a stupid stunt.

I preach about training with a slack lead for a good reason.  It’s the only way you can teach good lead manners.  But the lead IS there for a reason.  It CAN be used to prevent this kind of thing.

‘Nuff said.


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