Grandma’s Rule

Jessie’s training is underway.  One of the things I’m doing to address his overabundance of energy is letting him romp with Diesel.  It does them both good to burn off some of their energy and it allows me to work each of them in the presence of a powerful distraction.  Diesel has enough obedience for us to expect good responses even with a moderate level of distraction.  Jessie is just getting started so our expectations are much lower for him.

I let them run around the exercise yard and roughhouse for a about 20 minutes or so, then I put Diesel on lead and walk him through some Heel/Sit exercises while Jessie is still running around in the yard.  After a few minutes of this with Diesel, I turn him loose and put Jessie on lead and do a few simple Sits and try to get him to hold his Sit in spite of the distraction Diesel provides.


This is just part of their daily training, but it’s a convenient way to get them both some exercise.  The obvious challenge is to keep them both connected to me.  They can get so involved in their chasing and roughhousing that they forget about me, so I call them back every few minutes and put them both in a SIT, then release them for more fun and games.

Another variation of this involves retrieving which Jessie LOVES.  I know I’ll be using his love of retrieving for a motivator as his training progresses.  By building some simple rules around a game he enjoys, we get the added benefit of those rules beginning to have relevance in other activities, whether we’re working or playing.

The principle behind this kind of training is called the Premack Principle.  We could spend a lot of time describing this in behavioral terms, but most of us already have a thorough understanding of Premack as “Grandma’s Rule”.  Simply stated, Grandma’s Rule is this:  “You can have some ice cream as soon as you eat your peas.”  So… for Jessie the “peas” can be a SIT and the “ice cream” is a retrieving bumper being tossed so he can make a retrieve.


I’ll try to get some video of this so you can see it in action.  Until then…

Slack Leads to you all!


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