Diesel Makes a New Friend!

Bailey is a really sweet Golden Doodle who is staying at Muck Creek Kennels over Thanksgiving.  Diesel was pretty skeptical about her at first.  He has some fear of other dogs that could stem from being bullied as a puppy.  It’s not really very helpful for us to make assumptions though.  It’s much more important for Diesel that we move on and learn to interact courteously with other dogs.


Bailey is the perfect pal for our boy, Diesel, because she’s around his age, she’s female and she’s about as sweet and friendly as a dog can be.  Naturally I took all the necessary precautions when I introduced them.  I didn’t expect any trouble, but we can’t be too careful either.


We were hearing a lot of frustration-barking from the kennel because they were both curious about each other and they couldn’t wait to get a good game of “chase-me-chase-you” going.  I let them run around in the exercise yard together for about a half hour under my close supervision.  The pictures speak for themselves.  They had a blast!


I just put them back in the kennel a little while ago and the kennel is finally quiet for the first time today.  I think they wore each other out!


Enjoy this sunshine and Slack Leads to you all!


One thought on “Diesel Makes a New Friend!

  1. He is such a beautiful dog. I just love GSDs. I’ve been following your updates on Diesel for a while through Woofers post on FB. Sure wish I could adopt him.

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