Nutrition War Rages On!

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This article by Dr Doug Knueven in Dogs Naturally Magazine explains recent research on lupine/canine adaptation to a human diet.  The research shows evidence that part of the genetic adaptation which occurred as wolves became dogs was an ability to process carbohydrates found in some of the dogs that were studied. 

The title of Dr. Knueven’s article is rather provocative and is meant to be so.  As you read further in the article you find the good Dr. has a balanced approach toward the research.  After careful consideration, he concludes that, while some dogs carry genes that may enable them to thrive on a starchy diet; the vast majority of dogs will continue to get the most benefit from a grain-free ancestral diet.

My conclusion:  Dogs eat meat.  If they eat kibble, they will benefit most from kibble that contains the most meat.

Just as Dr. Knueven predicts, I believe this study will be used by the big dog food manufacturers to defend their extensive use of grain fillers. 

On a related note:  I had the opportunity last September to watch two wolves devour a good sized mule deer doe.  They did not eat the stomach contents.  They tore into the animal through the rectal area and proceeded to rip off and consume large hunks of tissue from the haunches and back area.  The next day the stomach and contents were still largely intact.  Corvids (ravens & crows) were working the carcass over by this time.

So much for the old saw about wolves always eating the stomach contents first.  Yes, I know, one incident is an anecdote, not research.  However one incident is enough to remove some of the certainty of previous assumptions.


2 thoughts on “Nutrition War Rages On!

  1. Yep, but the folks espousing the “dogs need carbs” theory still claim the old idea that wolves and other predators eat the stomach contents immediately after the kill. Salad first, right?
    Oh!, and… speaking of gross… Peck just ate a ************ (redacted to maintain good taste) 🙂

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