Constantly Learning


Just inside the door of my kennel building is a whiteboard where I write down important stuff that I need to remember about my clients, the dogs, that is.  Sometimes it’s a reminder to administer meds or supplements.  Other times I might have a reminder that Fido, in kennel 6, needs extra attention for some reason.  One thing I wrote on the board has stayed there for months now.  I read it every day and think about it.

Dogs are constantly learning.  What are you constantly teaching?

One of the big advantages of placing a dog at a kennel for training is that the trainer gets significant control over the dog’s environment.  Many of the canine behaviors that humans find most troublesome are actually behaviors they have inadvertently taught them.  Sometimes half of the battle of training a wild young dog is just getting him out of his current environment and into the kennel where his life becomes very structured and chaos is kept to a minimum.

A typical scenario is the young dog that gets out of control simply because he was too cute for his own good as a puppy.  His guardians have allowed him to pretty much run the house until they got tired of the jumping/chewing/counter-surfing.  Then they threw him in the back yard and he started working his magic on the landscaping.  This might be a good time for them to consider having their dog boarded and trained (unless they want to wait while he finishes eating the siding off the garage).

In the kennel, we can provide structure in the form of well-defined spaces, consistent schedules, outdoor exercise and training.  While Fido is at boot camp you can do damage control at home and adjust your habits to help keep him successful when he returns.

Thank you for reading this shameless plug for boarded training in general and boarded training at Muck Creek Kennels in particular. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming which includes an update on wonder dog, DIESEL!  Stay Tuned!

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