Diesel Is Too Skinny!


Diesel is too skinny!  We need to put a few pounds on him.  I still believe that feeding a measured amount of a quality food on a consistent schedule solves 90 percent of eating problems, but this wasn’t working for Diesel.  He just wasn’t eating enough to gain any weight.

Diesel is currently feeding on Orijen Red Meat dog food.  For those of you who are dog food snobs like me, you’ll recall that this stuff is about 90 bucks a bag.  So I was a little miffed with Diesel when he turned his nose up at it.  He eats the stuff, but he’s not crazy about it. 

Orijen is the same food I give to my labs and they wolf it down like… well… labs!  My point is that I have a pretty good idea how much of this stuff to feed a 70 lb dog.  Diesel was only eating about half as much as I would expect.

Lyn, my wife and resident dog food expert/fanatic, suggested that I put probiotics in his food to help get his gut working right.  Her thinking was that once his digestive system was properly populated with all the necessary flora and enzymes that his appetite would improve.  I agreed, of course, and started putting the probiotic powder on his food.  I have seen this particular brand of probiotic work extremely well on other dogs but it takes time to work.  I was getting impatient.

On a whim, I decided to crack a raw egg over the food just to see if the old trick might work to get my skinny foster-dog to eat a little more.  It worked.  He started eating kinda tentatively, but soon began slurping and gobbling his food like a proper beast.  I was happy!

Behold, my shame-faced admission of a dirty little secret: I have snickered quietly at the last hundred people who told me the old wives tale about the raw egg on the food making the dog’s coat shiny.  Nope.  Not really.  It doesn’t do much for the dog’s coat that we’ve seen in the last five years of owning a groom shop.              But raw egg does seem to boost appetite!

At least it’s working for Diesel and that’s all that really matters to him.  I’m still gonna do the probiotics like Lyn said, but now at least I’m feeding the stuff to the dog instead of the garbage can! 



2 thoughts on “Diesel Is Too Skinny!

  1. I forget what exactly it is at the moment, but I believe there is something in raw eggs that you don’t want to feed more then once a week. At least I know the guideline for raw feeders is no more then 1 raw egg a week. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it is to cause that limit right now. I’ll try and look it up today!

    • Thanks Kelly! I wonder if it has something to do with the shell. I know some raw feeders let their dogs eat the whole egg, shell and all. Diesel is just getting the egg. He did mention that he’d like some thick sliced pepper bacon on the side, but I have to draw the line somewhere. 🙂

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