Dog Poetry


My dog, Peck, wrote this poem:


Oh, chartreuse orb!

Collector of spit

I long to leap

Through fields of wet grass

Sniff you out

Love in your every bounce

Rolls right in

My happy snout


I told him I thought the 2nd line was a bit unnecessary, perhaps even a tad overwrought, given the lighthearted nature of the piece.  He responded that I had totally missed the objective correlative element of the 2nd line and suggested I re-read T.S. Eliot’s lectures.




3 thoughts on “Dog Poetry

      • He’s doing very well. My husband works with him a lot. Still no bird hunting yet though. Jesse didn’t get a lot of time off to go. Thank you again for training havoc and me! We get compliments for how well trained he is.

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