All Work and No Play…


We can’t work all the time!  We’re trying to work in some fun stuff with Diesel’s training.  By keeping the sessions fun it makes Diesel a better student and it makes me a better trainer.  We spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes on Sit and recall trials, then we get ourselves a good chewy toy and we lure Diesel thru some agility moves.  He loves it!

By using his favorite toy we help overcome his reluctance to try new stuff like jumping through the tire or walking up the ramp.  He caught on to the tire thing really quick!  The ramp will take a bit longer because I need to build a new one.  As you can see from the photo, the one I have is too narrow and too wobbly.  Wow!  Who built this piece of junk?

Maybe I should drag my lazy self away from this dog gone computer and go fix that ramp, huh?

In the meantime, would you please wrack your brain and see if you can think of the perfect guardian for Diesel so I can get him re-homed before we get too attached to one another?

The perfect guardian for Diesel would be a person who has some experience with the breed.  Diesel would prefer to be an only dog.  His new guardian should be fit and have lots of energy and time for exercise.  Diesel’s next home will need to have a fenced yard.  Diesel likes cats, but not in a way that cats would find acceptable, so no cats please.  We’re still working on getting a hold of his AKC litter registration so his new guardian could register him.  I’m currently taking care of all his expenses, but I will charge a re-homing fee to cover his training.  I’d like Diesel’s next home to last forever, that’s why I’ve decided to get his basic obedience in place before I let him go.  That being said, his new guardian could be training with us right now.  This would be much better than just driving away with a dog you’ve never worked with.

If you’re interested or you know someone who is, please call or email.



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