I Hope This Clicks!


Diesel’s training is underway!  Before we could really get started I wanted him to have a day or two to settle into our routine.  I also needed time to observe and make some decisions about methods and tools.

I decided to employ positive reinforcement and clicker training with Diesel.  Those who know me will already know that I use traditional methods with some dogs and clicker training with others.  I try to let the dogs tell me what is going to work best with them.

Diesel showed some timidity when I approached him with a training lead in my hand.  He also showed some other signs of subordination and/or submission that didn’t seem appropriate to the situation.  Basically, we’re dealing with some fear issues.  When I play with Diesel and get him in the mood for some rough-housing, the timidity goes away and he shows a bolder, more confident side.

Of course I could use traditional training methods to develop obedience in Diesel, but I would risk losing that happy, playful demeanor he shows when we’re just goofing off.  The trick here will be to get him to a place where he is making good decisions about obedience and still keep that happy-go-lucky attitude that makes him such a fun guy to be around.

Wish me luck!


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