Diesel Dawg!


We adopted a new dog last night.  Just like that. We really couldn’t say “no” to a handsome fella like “Diesel”.  As you can see from the photo, Diesel is a German Shepherd.  He’s 9 months old and ready to learn.  To keep a long story short, I’m just going to tell you that he wasn’t working out in his previous home.  It wasn’t Diesel’s fault and it doesn’t help to blame the owner either.  Things just weren’t working for him. 

It was sad to see his guardian tell him goodbye, but enough of this sad stuff!  It’s time to start looking forward to a better, brighter future for this young guy.  He’s a bit aloof right now, as GSDs are prone to be.  He’s afraid of his own shadow at the moment, but I believe that will change as his training progresses and his confidence builds.

My plan at the moment is to keep him for about a month so we can work on basic obedience and social skills.  When I’m confident that he’s ready, we’ll start looking for a new home for Diesel.

I wasn’t crazy about the name, “Diesel”, but he does seem to recognize it.  Perhaps it’s more important to work on substantive issues rather than get hung up on a name.  After all, he’s got a lot of new stuff to work out, so I think I should let him keep the name.  What do you think?




7 thoughts on “Diesel Dawg!

  1. Beautiful dog! Change the name – as you are training him anyway- he will learn the new name easily. (It’s a dorky name for a beautiful dog)

  2. He is a beautiful dog, what ever his name is, I am glad he is in a great home! One less sad story for an innocent dog, thank you for caring enough to open your hearts and home! Once Gracie heals from getting spayed, we’ll talk to you about some training, lol, she has “wild child” moments that need a bit of work. We love her no matter what and thank God we have this loving, sweet little girl in our life!

    Gracie’s new momma,

    • I would be delighted to work with Gracie! I’ve worked with 4 of her litter-mates in one capacity or another. I think she’s a very talented young girl who needs a job to keep her busy and out of trouble. Please call or email at your convenience to discuss!

      • I will definitely contact you after her recovery. She is incredibly smart and gets in trouble only when she is bored, high energy level, yep she needs a job!

  3. I’m so happy for Diesel. I want nothing more then for him to have an AMAZING life. Can’t wait to see more blogs on his progress =)

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